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A Birth Defect Attorney Can Help Parents Get the Compensation They Deserve

Parents of children who have wellington birth defect attorney defects could be entitled to compensation for medical costs as well as lost income and pain and suffering. A good birth defect attorney will help the victim receive the compensation they are entitled to.

A top birth defect law firm will represent families with children suffering from lips that are cleft or missing limbs, as well as other physical and mental impairments. These conditions may be caused by prescription medications, exposure to toxic chemicals, and other factors.

Medical Malpractice

Medical professionals may ignore an accident that causes an anomaly in the birth process as genetic or unavoidable because of scientific unknowns. If a parent discovers their child has been harmed as a result of a birth defect or injury caused by medical negligence they may file a lawsuit to seek compensation. A lawyer who is specialized in birth injuries and medical malpractice OKC can help parents get their families the right justice they deserve.

Medical malpractice cases are complicated and require a lot of documentation and investigation. It is essential to hold on to medical receipts, insurance billing papers as well as notes or diagnoses from appointments, test results and any other documentation you may have. These documents will be vital in proving that a medical professional or pharmaceutical company was negligent, and that their actions fell below the acceptable standards of care for the profession.

It is also important to know the difference between the birth defect and a medical malpractice claim. A birth defect is physical anomalies that develop during pregnancy, such as cleft lips and palates or spina bifida. These types of issues can sometimes be preventable but most of the times they are encoded into the fetus' genes or caused through environmental factors like drug consumption and alcohol use. Birth defects are more complicated.

Defective Drugs

Birth defects can result from defective drugs in many ways. If a mother takes medications during pregnancy and it is found to cause birth defects, she could be entitled compensation from the manufacturer of the drug. One example is Thalidomide, a drug originally marketed in West Germany to treat anxiety as well as insomnia and gastritis. Then it was discovered the drug could enter the placental membrane, causing harm to a developing foetus resulting in horrific birth defects.

Pharmaceutical companies must inform doctors and the public of the risks of certain medications prior to when they are prescribed to pregnant women. In the event that this is not done, a drug manufacturer could be held liable for any birth defect. A lawsuit against the drug manufacturer may be appropriate in such circumstances.

If you suspect your child's birth defect was caused by medical malpractice, environmental hazards or a faulty medication during pregnancy, seek legal assistance immediately. Contact a knowledgeable Orange County birth defect attorney to begin the process of determining who is accountable and filing a claim against them. Collect all the evidence you can gather, including receipts, bills and statements from credit cards. Your attorney can help you determine the root of the birth defect of your child and ensure that you receive maximum compensation.

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

Exposure to toxic or chemical substances by the mother during pregnancy is the cause of many birth defects. It can happen at home or at work. Some of the most severe and dangerous chemical exposures include teratogenic chemicals that can affect the fetus. Exposure can occur through direct contact with the chemical, ingestion, or breathing contaminated air. A birth defect attorney will assist parents in recovering compensation from third parties if their child has suffered from the birth defect that is chemically related.

A toxic chemical may be found in a variety of areas of the environment, including drinking water, household cleaners and pesticides. A birth defect attorney can also pursue a case against employers who expose mothers to dangerous chemicals at work that could cause a birth defect. Examples include the exposure of a woman to solvents and metal cleaning agents, paints, and chemical compounds used in the manufacture of electronic chips.

Our birth defect attorneys have represented children with toxic chemical-related birth defects. We have worked with some of the top experts in science and medicine, including embryologists, toxicologists, epidemiologists and occupational medicine doctors. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in appellate courts. They have also argued before the federal appeals court in eight states, as well as the Supreme Court of Texas. The claims of our clients have been valued at millions of dollars. We are determined to get the maximum recovery for our clients.

Product Liability

Some birth defects may have been caused due to inattention during pregnancy or during delivery. If you believe that your child's birth defects were caused by medical professionals you could be eligible for damages through a personal injury suit.

A qualified birth defect attorney will help you determine if you're qualified to submit a claim for compensation. The attorney will analyze the circumstances that led to your child's condition and explore whether the medical professionals involved complied with the standard of care in their field. They will also look into any damage resulting from the birth defect to which you could be entitled to.

If your baby was born without a birth defect, or suffered a birth injury, you could be entitled to compensation. This includes medical expenses funeral costs, pain and suffering and other losses. With the assistance of a birth defect attorney you can hold responsible parties accountable, and receive the compensation you're entitled to. If you are unsure about the process of filing a birth defect lawsuit in the court, contact an experienced Orange County birth defect attorney now for a no-cost consultation.


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