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How a Malpractice Lawyer Can Help You File a Medical Malpractice Claim

Medical malpractice cases can be among the most difficult and complex to be successful. Fortunately, the top New York lyons malpractice lawsuit lawyers know how to handle these cases successfully.

Malpractice occurs when a doctor is not following accepted medical procedures and results in injury or death. A malpractice lawsuit that is successful can pay compensation for the past and future medical expenses, lost wages, consortium and suffering and pain.

Medical Records

Medical records are a critical element of any medical malpractice case. Medical records contain lots of information, ranging from initial diagnoses and treatment plans. These records can include digital photos of patients surgical reports, flowsheets for intensive care units or operations, EKG tracings and other relevant documents. These records can be utilized by lawyers to determine if the doctor's actions were not within the norms of practice, and caused harm.

Many healthcare facilities and hospitals are required by law to provide patients with copies of their medical records upon request. However, when medical Decatur malpractice lawsuit;, lawyers request documents as part of the possibility of suing an healthcare provider for negligence, they could experience significant administrative delays. A New York City medical negligence attorney who is dedicated and experienced can work to obtain these records swiftly.

The statute of limitations is a period within which a medical malpractice claim has to be filed. In New York this means you only have two and one quarter years to file a lawsuit starting from the date the act, omission, or failure caused you harm.

In the beginning stages of a medical malpractice case Your lawyer will require as much evidence as they can. This includes all of your medical records, including the above-mentioned information as well as hospital invoices, eyewitnesses statements as well as photos of your injuries.

Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses are usually required in medical malpractice cases. They are typically medical professionals with the ability to offer an opinion on the case and whether or not negligence occurred. They are usually called upon to look over the medical records in a case and may be required to testify in person during the trial.

An expert witness can be a nurse, surgeon's assistant, a doctor, a physician or any other healthcare worker who has extensive educational and practical experience in the medical field. They can help the jury be able to comprehend the medical aspects involved in a claim.

An expert's opinion from a medical professional can be a powerful tool for showing that the defendant has violated their duty of care and caused you harm. These experts are required by law to swear that they only provide evidence they believe to be authentic. It is essential that you only hire experts who are trustworthy and reliable.

A skilled lawyer who is experienced in malpractice cases can assess the situation and determine if an expert witness is needed. In some instances, the expert's report is not necessary since the medical documents are clear and demonstrate that the healthcare professional committed a mistake that led to your injury or additional health issues.


The testimony of a reliable witness can establish that the medical professional failed to perform his obligation of care. Your malpractice lawyer may be able find witnesses like pharmacists, nurses, radiology technicians, doctors who read test results ambulance attendants and other health professionals who were in the operating room at the time of the wrongful act or witnesses from a different location. These witnesses can be deposed and provide crucial details to support your case.

There are many types of damages that your New York malpractice attorney may be able to recover on your behalf in the event of a successful lawsuit. You can recover your actual financial losses like medical bills and lost wages. Non-economic damages are also offered, including suffering and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, disfigurement, and emotional or mental distress.

Certain states limit the amount the patient could receive as a result of a medical malpractice suit. Your lawyer can explain the impact of this on your case.

Although the impact of a medical error may be catastrophic, many are able to obtain compensation from the healthcare providers or clinics in which they work. A New York medical malpractice lawyer will have the knowledge as well as the resources and expertise to create a solid claim for you and your family.


A variety of injuries may result from an error made in prescribing or dispensing medication. For example, a mistake in the administration of a blood thinner to patients already at risk of suffering strokes can be fatal. New York attorneys at Duffy & Duffy can make malpractice claims against pharmacists, doctors, and optometrists for prescribing incorrectly medications that cause severe injuries.

Even after a medical professional declares that a healthcare professional did not meet the standards of care, proving the actions of the provider caused the victim's injury isn't easy. A skilled attorney for malpractice can rely on the hospital or doctor's policies, protocols and guidelines to create a case that establishes the defendant's negligence.

Many medical malpractice lawsuits settle prior to trial. However, a knowledgeable attorney should be ready to bring your case to trial when the insurance company is refusing to settle a fair settlement amount during negotiations before trial or if a jury's verdict is more likely to result in a higher damage award. A medical malpractice lawyer might decide to appeal a lower court decision, depending on the strength and worth of your case. This is a lengthy process and requires the participation of experts. However, it can be crucial to ensure that your case gets an impartial hearing.


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